The Alverton Cemetery
Circa 1800 a Mennonite Meeting House was erected at Stonersville and adjacent to the Meeting House was established a burial place incorporated in 1878 as the Mennonite Cemetery Association.  While the official corporate name has not changed the cemetery is more commonly known as the Alverton Cemetery Association.   Click here for more historical items.
*Price for Lot $700.00  (one grave space) - Lots are 4 x 10 ft.
*Price for Opening and Closing grave is $700.00
*Price for Cremation Opening and Closing $300.00
* as of 2-15-2016
For questions or more information send email to
or call Tina Horak at 724-547-2480
For a list of burials, date, and location - click here
Purchase a Memorial Brick to be placed in the walk around the cross at the top of the cemetery hill.
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A tribute to our veterans..

A tribute to our Christian heritage.