The Alverton Churches

(1800's)     Center Bethel Church of God at Alverton     (present)
The first congregation formed at Alverton (then Stonerville in the year 1839).  The Alverton church was one of three new congregations located between Scottdale and Ruffsdale. Later the three churches merged into a single central location at Alverton, thus the name Center Bethel (Today there are approximately 50 separate congregations in the Western Pennsylvania area).  Several additions to this structure have been made over the years, with the most recent being the addition of fellowship hall in 1984 and an elevator in 2007.
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United Methodist Church
The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1817, in a log structure erected the same year near Scottdale, and was the only meeting house of this denomination in all that section of the country. The present brick structure was built during the Civil war, on the site of the old church.  In 1884 a church was established in the Village of Stonersville (now Alverton) on a tract of land donated by the Loucks family.

Today the church is known as the United Methodist Church with an active congregation of approximately 115.  Their continuing ministry, under the leadership of Pastor Tom Shirer, includes music from the carillon chimes every noon and evening.